What is Wasabi?

Wasabia japonica is a herbaceous perennial native to the wet banks of Japan’s cool mountain streams. It is a member of the Cruciferous family and traditionally used as a natural herb. The Wasabi plant consists of a rhizome (a root-like stem) with clusters of large, long-stemmed heart shaped leaves and delicate white flowers that begin to blossom during winter. The earliest cultivation of Wasabi in Japan dates back to the 10th century

Field oka-Wasabi and
Semi-Aquatic sawa-Wasabi

Wasabi is cultivated in two different ways. The higher quality Wasabi traditionally grows in Japan’s cool mountain streams and is known as semi-aquatic or “sawa”. Field Wasabi or “oka” is grown in fields and generally results in a lower quality product. Pacific Coast Wasabi grows Wasabi in greenhouses using a system that produces “sawa” quality Wasabi. We do not grow any Wasabi in fields. Pacific Coast Wasabi grows two main varieties of Wasabi: Daruma and Mazuma.

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